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Avoid address conflicts when installing new machines

All machines are built identical. Internal network range is the same, PLCs, panel, IOs, drives, all are always at the same address in similar machines. Usually, different machines use identical network ranges for their internal network and different components can have the same address on different machines.

Integrating a new machine in an existing production network, where other machines are already present can raise address conflicts, making machine installation longer and more expensive because it requires more IT qualified people and operational compromises.

How can you simplify and shorten machine installation while preserving the machine builder original network conventions (to make setup, service & support easier) and, at the same time, avoiding conflicts of addresses for components in the factory network?

mbNETFIX hides the machine internal network, so the machine components cannot be seen on their “real” internal address and no conflict appears.

Components that need communication with the outside can still be reached, using mbNETFIX specific communication features. (e.g. in order to communicate with the PLC, the scada will communicate with the mbNETFIX, which will securely ad transparently redirect the communication to the PLC)

Exhibitor: MB connect line GmbH

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