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HNE Technologie AG

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About us

HNE Technologie AG is global manufacturer of mobile high performance firefighting systems, used by fire brigades, police and Special Forces since over 20 years. The success of HNE bases on innovative, self-developed, patented technology of highest quality. Accordingly, all devices guarantee superior performance, ease of handling and flexibility at low operating costs. Founded 1995 in Augsburg, HNE began with the development of mobile HiPRESS firefighting equipment as an alternative to traditional stirrup pumps. In 1998, the 10-liter unit HNE HiPress was approved as the first portable high pressure fire-extinguishing device in Germany. In 2002, the patenting and approving of HNE HiCAFS technology followed. HNE became a joint stock company in 2005 with an external selling agency in Singapore to support the Asian market. With steadily new innovative products and a highly motivated team, HNE is looking forward to further successful decades in professional fire extinguishing technology.

Products and services

At our exhibition stand, visitors will find demo-devices, multimedia presentations and information of any area of our product portfolio:

  • the HiPRESS 4duo as an example of extra light and versatile units for civil defense forces
  • the VARIO 9, our new all-round device for professional users
  • HNE's latest Innovation: the ultralight VARIO-Carbon extinguishers with 9 or 13 liter volume and
    exceptional weight/performance-ratio
  • and of course, our well known 10-liter series is represented with the VARIO 10

As a new addition to our range of products, we are proud to present the VPS (Vario Protection System), a modular high-pressure extinguishing system for implementation.

As a further novelty, we present the MFU (Mobile Foam Unit) in a new compact and modular design for flexible installation and tailor-made applications.

We are looking forward to your interest in our products and their special technology and would like to welcome you gladly to our booth.

Vario 13 Carbon

Vario 13 Carbon

Our new generation of extinguishers, featuring CFRP-composite pressure vessels open up new areas of performance and possibilities. With an increased jet range of more than 20 meters, users can fight fires with pinpoint accuracy from safer distance. The foam generation is switchable to heavy liquid or adhesive CAFS consistency. This allows adaptation to any fire situation within seconds, while offering unprecedented safety and flexibility.

Vario Protection System

Vario Protection System

Modular high pressure extinguishing system with variable performance and jetting characteristics. Installation in civil defense vehicles or selective protection of fire-risk areas/objects. Use of spray and/or jet nozzles depending on requirements. Type of foam agent, flow rate and number of nozzles are specifically optimizable. Autarkic power supply by charge-controlled batteries.

Vario 10

Vario 10

In addition to the functions and advantages of HiCAFS and HiPRESS devices, their combination to the VARIO variant also offers a variable spray mode. By setting the innovative swivel gun to compact jet or spray function, the user can fight fire from distance with pinpoint accuracy or cover a large area with a cloud of foam. The jet is optimally adjustable to any fire situation within seconds. Efficiency, flexibility and above all -the rescue capabilities are on highest level.


HNE Technologie AG
Alter Postweg 96
86159 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 7204770

Julia Haslinger
Customer Service Manager
Phone: +49 821 72047773

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